Easy to learn to fly!,  self-hovering Auto position hold, Auto Take off and Land !
Safe Altitude set failsafe return to home feature on GPS or Signal loss.

Once you see yourself flying on screen, you are up there...  you'll soon want your next flight!

These industrial strength units can follow GPS waypoints, hover over points of interest, independent Gimbal control/Zoom, utilize coordinates from software maps, have longer ranges, High lift capacity for your payloads of choice, Hidef/Zoom capable Cameras/ infrared/ nightvision/ LiDAR image mapping,  Wind and Weather durable, robust carbon fiber and durable.

     FAA recommended standards, training courses for FAA Federally recognized PIC operators (Pilot in command) and gimbal/camera operators,
 for  LOS -line of sight daylight operations for confidence of control for all applicable environments; 

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