Security & Surveillance

Our researched mid-range, yet capable camera options enable a PIDJ600 to be gimbaled or not gimbaled and commissioned by ourselves with a self stabilized 30X Zoom-in capable mid-price camera, for up to 1 mile Zoom in with HD and it is ESSENTIAL for Public,  Private Security and Surveillance.

Zoom in quietly from 400ft altitude, Empower your Officers/ operators, reduce liability and danger, identify - hover lower and speak safely to any persons/ vehicles from a safe height with a mini PA system we also commission to customer orders.  Infrared Camera also with zoom feature) is dual mounted and its output is switchable to the ground display, enabling up to 1mile transmission in HD.

Our commissioning prices that mount onto the popular reliable 600 platform, is as below and our pricing will compete well below competitors with similar Zoom / IR capacities.  Please inquire for serious details and configurations. 

Custom communications as options affixed to the Drone's frame, permit you to speak, as the unseen operator,  to the person in view.

Altitude, flexibility of movement, ID persons/ vehicles;  Private or Public Safety, Security Companies,  Residential,  Commercial facility security.  Both Camera options are tuned for low light conditions ie nightvision recording.

Several other serious Drone UAV platform options we recommend; we can commission the base platform of your choice and importantly Quiet blade options are under development, endurance, weather and dust/temperature tolerant, even crash 'resistance' features with shock absorbing designs.   Missouri  417 414 4963
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