Search & Rescue - Public Safety

Send a pul-line across a flood ! or a VHF !

Life Saving benefits,  Scan for miles when PD/Fire arriving on scene..  remote/wooded areas, easily for first responders, from 400f

Communities cut off ?, Bad Weather/ floods, snow.. 

Missing persons/lost hikers ?, Swimmers/ 

Marine -A quick ocean scan from 400ft ! altitude can save lives.

 Low maintenance, increase Officer Safety &  reduce liability of dangerous areas, forest fires

Speak directives to suspect from 30ft, optional Loudpseaker/ Radio comms, land on water/Lake River Patrols easy from 400ft !

UAV types, endurance, weather and  environment options.. loud speakers, Water floats/life rings, Marine Salt/water resistant enhancements. 

We can help in suggesting the best suited UAVs for your Departments visions.

Find the lost Climber,  know his GPS position,  Speak to him, lower him a VHF handheld, Water.

On Thin Ice ??  ..   fly a rescue line to follow a rescue rope..   Critical TIME saved for PD/Fire to wait on Helicopter support !
Find the lost Climber ! know his GPS position, Speak to him !

On Thin Ice ?   Think PD/ FIre Rescue drone.. Our Commissioned Drones can be hardened against rain/dust and altitude and insulated/heated against sub Zero battery draining Temperatures.  Missouri +1 417 414 4963
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