Police / Fire/ Prisons - Public Safety

Life Saving benefits, Reduce Department liability/ Costs; .. Auto Accident Aerial pictures; Additional State evidence, quick launch ! for suspect search, Fire, Rescue.
Prison Security & Smuggling prevention, Tornado/Flood victim Search,
Impassible roads/terrain; Utilize ZOOM + Infrared Night vision.

Serious Advice, Sales, Service and Support of the MidWest.

Adding safety of the altitude advantage for all CitizensWooded/remote areas, easier on city operating budgets than Helicopter support.

Fires.. residential or disaster sites/ Tornado victim search - Accurate Air view to aid first responders.

Observation units for Public Crowd safety, Infrared on-foot Suspect tracking, quick launch from trunk lid.. see over blocked roads/ broaching impossible terrain.

You can drop life lines !, Life rings, a handheld VHF Radio/cell phone to a lost hiker, record GPS Coordinates, enter smoke filled areas or dense fog, NO pilot life risk.

Hostage/ dangerous communication situations.. a Drone with PA Broadcast capacity, Medical supplies, Video/voice Evidence collection.

Increase Peace Officer and Firefighter safety & reduce liability

Altitude ZOOM capable pictures of recreational Lake activity / Spot that struggling swimmer early, see trouble in 'Party Cove' before boat patrol can get there.

Prison facilities Airspace protection detection systems - see anti drone systems options
in Store Enhanced security -  Interceptor/ patrol capable drones

 Zoom capable multi-market choice Cameras and Infrared equipped surveillance, durable, quick to launch and simple to operate.


  We'll add-value to your decision making process - best suited Commercial/ Industrial strength Drones/UAVs for your visions, training & after sales support.

We do consider subcontracted  proposals for some public safety tasks.

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