Oil & Gas - On/Offshore

WHY ? use a helicopter - human liability/ Error/ Dangerous heat/fumes/ shear winds.. 

Immediate cost savings, lower maintenance inspection man hours!, large scale structure inspection! - Land pipelines
and reduce liability of dangerous areas/heights inspections.

 Oil and Gas Industry saves maintenance time and budget and increases safety,
Onshore Pipeline external inspections/ patrol & monitoring.
Drill  derrick, flarestack and offshore structures inspection for integrity and operation , with close-up pictures of hard to reach maintenance areas.

UAV types, Salt air / water resistant and stronger breeze endurance,  dust/temperature/steam-  environment tolerant.

Flexible dual-uses include : Security surveillance, safety and high/dangerous environment maintenance inspection, FPSO -production plant, buildings and structures.
We can help in suggesting the best suited UAVs for your Offshore installation, FPSOs & pipeline inspection.

You can also contract our services for some Commercial/Industrial applications.