Marine Coast Guard/Public safety

Life Saving benefits for Officers & the Public, for Rivers, Lakes, Coastal areas & Beach Lifeguard.

 Miles of surface and subsurface views, see rip tides, shark patrol, check on and get close up visual from any struggling swimmer

Easier on Budgets than calling in Helicopter support

Launch these salt tolerant UAVs from the patrol vessel or Beach.. on standby, launch, fly quickly for  Hi-definition, Stationary position 30X ZOOM view of the water.

Altitude IS information: Increase Public Safety & Coast Guard safety.

Speak directives to suspect from 50ft with optional Loudpseaker-Megaphone/ VHF Ch 16 comms;
Land on the water/Lake River Patrols easy from 400ft !

Vessel or Water launch ! With water floats, Marine Salt/water resistant enhancements.
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