Construction/ Building Developers

What once were toys are now serious tools that Pay for themselves..  for a few hours training, Easy !

Reduced liability of workers at height for visual inspections.
Estimate materials used/ needed from a overhead perspective.. Accuracy of Estimating !

Zoom  close ups of workmanship/ inspection of Framing
Quick efficient fly up, position hold, rotate Camera and Zoom for Quality Control/QAQC.
Inspections for code ? - up high..  no need to rent that extra lift
Quality of subcontractor installations on roof structures.

High Costs of Surveying Greenfield sites ?  Use the LiDAR Scanner payload and see through vegetation and trees to the contours and nature of the land below the brush/long grass

Surveying Companies can charge you thousands to produce a legally coherent land site survey output, man power and number of days on site.

Quicker inspections mean quicker decision for next stages.   Insurance Evidence ?   Document the entire Build.. from Site to Pad to erections.

Reduce Liability ?  Video records of the build, workmanship and materials used and documenting evidence of your teams' quality of workmanship to show to future Customers.

We can match up your visions of cost savings / advantages for your projects - to the industrial grade UAV Drones that are best suited to save you money

 Dust/ Weather Resilient and Our support is regional here in Missouri.. not in China or California.  

You can also contract our services, we can be contracted in the future for inspection tasks/ video and stills.  Missouri +1 417 414 4963
Your Midwest regional Drone center of Excellence for Advice & Support.