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See 'Your Applications' menu as above..    Security, Inspection, Agricultural leaf health, crop insurance damage pictures, Surveying, Public Safety, land or Water...   reduce costs, liability, Save lives.

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... always look different from up above, valuable information of your land/subjects,  for closeup Observations, Commercial Fish finding, crop monitoring - see disease areas, lost cattle, check fences, building maintenance inspections,  Insurance adjusting; Get noticed Advertising & Event promotion. HD Zoom and infrared.

Save thousands by using Drone mounted LIDAR 'Laser measurements ' for surveying-mapping & reduce man hours, increase security, reduce liability of all height applications.
Zoom/ lock-on HD Pictures & Video for  Industrial & Real Estate Sales, alternate imaging heat maps, infrared, A Peace Officer tool for safety & Security, Emergency Services   Phone +1 417 414 4963
  Your Midwest regional Drone center of Excellence for Advice & Support.

Highway Accident - Police public safety Patrols,  Auto Crash Analysis images, Neighborhood watch,  Ski Resort air patrols, Drone beach patrols/ shark alerts. 

Even more ... Remote Border patrols, Fast/safe Waterway patrol - Lakes/Rivers; Insurance adjusting & accident analysis, Special Rescue - Flood/ Snow, Salt Air and Water tolerant Drones for Marine safety Coast Guard.

Large Acre Real Estate mapping, Roads, Cell tower, Utility poles/ transmission line & Rail  inspection,  Manage your Deer herds -remote view/find, Commercial Fish finding - over horizon bait ball/ offshore Seabird feeding/weed lines, 

 Advertising, Social events, Photography  indoor/outdoor, Promo Hi-Def Movie making.

 Private investigation/ investigative journalism, Remote  area package delivery, Medicines, VHF Radio delivery

 Fly Banners ! Get noticed for your special Events &  Promotions !

We can commission build for your application. with Full pre-post-sales Support that you won't find on Amazon or Ebay Sales or from the higher-volume marketplace.


Privacy and Security of your own radio/2.4/5GHz airspace ? .. Anti-drone systems ? ....Unknown Drones/UAVs ?
Thus..  w
e also offer personal airspace movement/infrared intrusion monitoring products and Interceptor Drones with options.